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  • 2017, JULY 18

    Transform Yourself Through The Words You Choose

    I noticed Awaken The Giant Within on the Ginza Hub coworking space bookshelf and grabbed it. I’d listened to Tony Robbins on podcasts and loved his work, but had never read one of his books. Even though he wrote it back in 1991, it’s well worth reading today. This is a chunky book with tons of practical exercises and […]

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  • 2017, JULY 10

    Your Time Matters – Clearly Communicate Your Boundaries And Be Firm

    An Interview With Tia Haygood, Photographer and Founder of TopTia Photography Communication plays a crucial role no matter what business you’re in. In the photography business, we can think about what the photos say about the person they portray and we can think about how the photographer communicates with her clients. I met the fabulous photographer Tia […]

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  • 2017, JULY 5

    Argue For Your Limitations And, Sure Enough, They’re Yours

    Do you give yourself reasons why you can’t do something? “I don’t have time.” “I’m not good enough.” “I should give the opportunity to other people.” By doing that, you’re arguing for your limitations. If you keep doing that, you prevent yourself from going beyond those limitations and doing something new or different that could […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 28

    Notice Your Negative Talk And Don’t Let It Take Over You

    An Interview With Emiko Rasmussen, Higher Education Professional and Founder of the Her Confidence Her Way Podcast and Community I “met” Emiko Rasmussen when she contacted me via Facebook messenger. She had seen my TEDx Talk and wanted to connect and know more about what I do. We scheduled a video conference call and chatted […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 20

    How To Kick Out Nervousness And Put A Punch In Your Presentation

    I recently took up karate again after being away from the dojo for a while. It feels GREAT! I realized that what helped me to win a gold medal in the 2009 Itosu-ryu Karatedo World Championships in Malaysia was exactly what helps us to become champion presenters: practice. In karate, we spend the first part […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 13

    What To Say At Networking Events

    Do you feel awkward at networking events? Not sure how to approach someone or what to say? In Japan, at least the formalities of exchanging business cards give us something to do and say, but what else? At the networking event following TEDx Roppongi, a gentleman came up to me and said, “I feel very […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 6

    4 Tips To Deal With Difficult Audience Questions

    “When I’m giving a presentation, what should I do if I don’t know the answer to a question or need time to think?” People ask me this a lot. So let me share four tips here. 1. Paraphrase “Paraphrasing” means repeating in your own words what someone else said. Paraphrasing audience questions is powerful. First, […]

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  • 2017, MAY 30

    Communication Lessons From The Big Leap

    Essentialism has been my favorite book for a long time, but I’ve now found another that I’m obsessed with. I read it and then immediately started rereading it: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I’ve been quoting Gay Hendricks for a while after I heard him say on a podcast “Fear is excitement without the […]

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  • 2017, MAY 23

    Why Speaking Correct English Can Confuse Your Audience

    Picture this: A talented Japanese businesswoman is updating an executive from global headquarters on the progress of a new project. She has good news, but the executive thinks things aren’t going so well. Or picture this: A Japanese businessman is presenting to a potential client the benefits of working with his company. The benefits are […]

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  • 2017, MAY 15

    How This Japanese CEO Prepared For His First English Keynote Speech

    I’m thrilled to share this interview with Toru Nishikawa, president and CEO of Preferred Networks, Inc., in which he tells us how he prepared for a keynote speech in the United States. We talk about overcoming nerves how not to go blank building confidence the difference between Japanese and English presentations keeping the audience awake […]

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  • 2017, MAY 9

    How Your Expertise And Enthusiasm Can Lead To Miscommunication

    An Interview With Divya Kato, Founder and Author of When in Doubt, Draw Divya oozes enthusiasm. I met her at a FEW (For Empowering Women) meeting. Then, when I heard that she ran art workshops, I decided to give my family a couple of hours of drawing together as a Christmas gift. It was great fun and a new way […]

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  • 2017, MAY 2

    The Power Of The Pause When Giving Presentations

    I’ll never forget my first presentation skills training as a participant. We each had to give a short presentation in front of the group. I was so nervous. I spoke my first few sentences. Then my mind when blank. I stopped talking. Couldn’t remember what to say next. Panic! After what seemed like many minutes […]

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  • 2017, APRIL 24

    If You Want To Be A Better Communicator, Relax!

    An Interview With Ashina Saiki, Founder of Yoga Buddhi One of the highlights of my week is Ashina’s yoga class (often followed by a great chat over lunch). I love the way she welcomes everyone at the beginning of each class with a few minutes for us to share how we’re feeling. And as we’re […]

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  • 2017, APRIL 18

    Avoid The Mottainai Of Miscommunication

    This month marks one year since I published 英語の仕事術 (Eigo no Shigoto-jutsu) – wahoo! I’m thrilled that the book is now reading material for both Tokyo University’s Executive Management Program and Waseda Business School’s Strategic Thinking and Communication class. The content is just as relevant as it was 12 months ago. Communication has been a challenge for us […]

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  • 2017, APRIL 11

    Make It Easy For Your Audience

    Years ago, I was translating some PowerPoint presentation slides from Japanese into English. My Japanese was good, but I couldn’t understand what the presenter wanted to say. So I asked him. He said the slides were supposed to be difficult to understand… I was confused. Why would you purposely confuse your audience? Because if the […]

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  • 2017, APRIL 4

    Top 5 TED Talks For Japanese Business People

    The other day, Emiko Rasmussen contacted me. She had seen my TEDx talk and was excited that what I said was so aligned with her mission. Emiko helps Japanese woman to be more confident. TED talks are a wonderful way to spread ideas. And they’re a way for you to get ideas about how to […]

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  • 2017, MARCH 28

    How I Can Make You Do What I Want (And You Won’t Feel Bad About It) 

    Of all the communication skills, the one I’ve been least comfortable with is influencing. It’s not that I’m not good at it. I must be able to influence people – otherwise I wouldn’t have been running my own business for four years. But part of me associates influencing with manipulation. There’s a difference between influencing […]

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  • 2017, MARCH 21

    3 Reasons Why Your PowerPoint Confuses Your Audience (And There Are Many More)

    What’s the point of PowerPoint? The slides are there to support your message as a presenter. Yet, sadly, many of the PowerPoint slides that we see in English business presentations in Japan distract and confuse the audience. Here’s an example that I’ll never forget. Several years ago, I was interpreting in a business meeting. The […]

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  • 2017, MARCH 14

    Tell People Clearly What You Want – And You Can Achieve Your Dreams

    An Interview With Haruka Mera, Founder and CEO of ReadyFor Inc. Haruka Mera has helped 250,000 people raise 3.86 billion yen to achieve their dreams through her crowdfunding business and website ReadyFor. How amazing is that? What’s more, she started the business when she was just 23 years old and was the youngest Japanese participant […]

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  • 2017, MARCH 8

    Are You Doing Feedback All Wrong?

    A former colleague referred to it as the “bulls**t sandwich.” Maybe you’ve heard these three layers of feedback: “You’re doing really great at X. You made a complete mess of Y. You should have done Z instead. Keep up the great work!” This feedback model of starting and ending on a positive and giving “negative […]

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