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  • 2017, OCTOBER 31

    Think About Your Goal Each Morning Before You Apply Your Makeup

    An Interview With Makeup Artist Nobue Doi   What kind of communicator do you want to be? I want to be a communicator who helps to press people’s buttons to “on”. What “on” means depends on the person. It could mean to be happy, energetic, playful, smart, cooperative, learning, receiving – many things. It’s a […]

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  • 2017, OCTOBER 17

    Who Are You Pointing The Finger At?

    When was the last time you were annoyed with someone? You were sure that what happened was the other person’s fault. Have you heard the saying “When you point your finger at someone else, three fingers are still pointing back at you”? This was my experience recently. I’d signed up for four free seminars run by […]

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  • 2017, OCTOBER 3

    5 Ways To Go From Fear To Fun When You Give Presentations

    “I get so nervous about speaking in public.” Many clients tell me this when we start working together. And my response is usually, “Good. That means you’re a normal human being.” As human beings, from primitive times, we have needed to be part of a group to survive. If we were cast out of the group, […]

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  • 2017, SEPTEMBER 19

    Say “Yes, I Can Do It,” And Then You Can Start Anything

    An Interview With Kyoko Bowskill, Founder Of Link Don’t you LOVE furoshiki? So many great designs and you can use them in multiple ways. I was fascinated when I heard Kyoko Bowskill speak about her furoshiki business at a FEW (For Empowering Women) event in Tokyo. She combines international designs with traditional Japanese craftsmanship in […]

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  • 2017, SEPTEMBER 5

    What I Discovered at the Sasuga You! Self-Discovery Weekend

    By Jayne Nakata   Five nervous but excited participants arrived at Yumoto Station in Fukushima Prefecture, a little unsure of what lay ahead of us all for the next three days. Our first stop was the foot spa, right outside the station. Soon we were all chatting, and you would never have guessed we had […]

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  • 2017, AUGUST 22

    How To Move To Move Your Audience

    No, that’s not a typo in the title. I’m talking about how you can move physically as a presenter to help move your audience emotionally and get your message across. This follows last week’s post Where To Stand When Giving A Presentation, which highlights the value of presenting from center stage (even if you don’t have […]

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  • 2017, AUGUST 15

    Where To Stand When Giving A Presentation

    Have you ever thought about where you stand when giving a presentation? Even when you’re nervous, you can choose a physical position that helps you look and feel more confident. Let’s look at three typical settings in business and public speaking and where to stand for each. No onscreen presentation – Stand where the audience can […]

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  • 2017, AUGUST 8

    The Surprising Impact Of A Smile On Your Communication

    An Interview With Jayne Nakata, Transformation Retreat Organizer If you think your circumstances are holding you back, look for inspiration to Jayne Nakata. For 15 years, New Zealander Jayne has lived with her wonderful Japanese husband in Fukushima, which is still recovering from the 2011 nuclear disaster. Does living in rural Japan raising two small […]

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  • 2017, AUGUST 1

    3 Barriers That Hold You Back And How To Overcome Them

    I’m talking specifically about the Sasuga You! Self-Discovery Weekend, but you can apply the lessons here to anything that you’d like to do but somehow can’t. Some women are hesitating to join the retreat even though they’re interested. They tell me that the barriers that are holding them back from registering for this event (or doing […]

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  • 2017, JULY 25

    When You Say You Can’t, Is It True?

    When was the last time you thought, “I can’t…”? As the saying goes, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Sometimes, the way that we communicate with ourselves isn’t helpful. What do you miss out on when you avoid doing something because you tell yourself you can’t? What would life be like if you actually did the […]

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  • 2017, JULY 18

    Transform Yourself Through The Words You Choose

    I noticed Awaken The Giant Within on the Ginza Hub coworking space bookshelf and grabbed it. I’d listened to Tony Robbins on podcasts and loved his work, but had never read one of his books. Even though he wrote it back in 1991, it’s well worth reading today. This is a chunky book with tons of practical exercises and […]

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  • 2017, JULY 10

    Your Time Matters – Clearly Communicate Your Boundaries And Be Firm

    An Interview With Tia Haygood, Photographer and Founder of TopTia Photography Communication plays a crucial role no matter what business you’re in. In the photography business, we can think about what the photos say about the person they portray and we can think about how the photographer communicates with her clients. I met the fabulous photographer Tia […]

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  • 2017, JULY 5

    Argue For Your Limitations And, Sure Enough, They’re Yours

    Do you give yourself reasons why you can’t do something? “I don’t have time.” “I’m not good enough.” “I should give the opportunity to other people.” By doing that, you’re arguing for your limitations. If you keep doing that, you prevent yourself from going beyond those limitations and doing something new or different that could […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 28

    Notice Your Negative Talk And Don’t Let It Take Over You

    An Interview With Emiko Rasmussen, Higher Education Professional and Founder of the Her Confidence Her Way Podcast and Community I “met” Emiko Rasmussen when she contacted me via Facebook messenger. She had seen my TEDx Talk and wanted to connect and know more about what I do. We scheduled a video conference call and chatted […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 20

    How To Kick Out Nervousness And Put A Punch In Your Presentation

    I recently took up karate again after being away from the dojo for a while. It feels GREAT! I realized that what helped me to win a gold medal in the 2009 Itosu-ryu Karatedo World Championships in Malaysia was exactly what helps us to become champion presenters: practice. In karate, we spend the first part […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 13

    What To Say At Networking Events

    Do you feel awkward at networking events? Not sure how to approach someone or what to say? In Japan, at least the formalities of exchanging business cards give us something to do and say, but what else? At the networking event following TEDx Roppongi, a gentleman came up to me and said, “I feel very […]

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  • 2017, JUNE 6

    4 Tips To Deal With Difficult Audience Questions

    “When I’m giving a presentation, what should I do if I don’t know the answer to a question or need time to think?” People ask me this a lot. So let me share four tips here. 1. Paraphrase “Paraphrasing” means repeating in your own words what someone else said. Paraphrasing audience questions is powerful. First, […]

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  • 2017, MAY 30

    Communication Lessons From The Big Leap

    Essentialism has been my favorite book for a long time, but I’ve now found another that I’m obsessed with. I read it and then immediately started rereading it: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I’ve been quoting Gay Hendricks for a while after I heard him say on a podcast “Fear is excitement without the […]

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  • 2017, MAY 23

    Why Speaking Correct English Can Confuse Your Audience

    Picture this: A talented Japanese businesswoman is updating an executive from global headquarters on the progress of a new project. She has good news, but the executive thinks things aren’t going so well. Or picture this: A Japanese businessman is presenting to a potential client the benefits of working with his company. The benefits are […]

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  • 2017, MAY 15

    How This Japanese CEO Prepared For His First English Keynote Speech

    I’m thrilled to share this interview with Toru Nishikawa, president and CEO of Preferred Networks, Inc., in which he tells us how he prepared for a keynote speech in the United States. We talk about overcoming nerves how not to go blank building confidence the difference between Japanese and English presentations keeping the audience awake […]

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