Meet the Team

helen-mttHelen Iwata, President

Originally from England, I have worked in Japan for 25 years. As the Client Communications manager at McKinsey & Company, Tokyo, I trained consultants and clients in communication skills – especially presentation and meeting facilitation.

In 2013, I established Sasuga! Communications and provide in-person and online workshops and coaching to help people communicate with more clarity and confidence in the global workplace.

I have delivered presentations and workshops throughout Japan, as well as in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I also currently serve as global communication advisor to WitH Corporation led by Hiroko Nishide.

In April 2016, I published 英語の仕事術 (Eigo no Shigoto-jutsu) to share practical communication techniques, exercises, and anecdotes from my career with the aim of helping people to overcome the "mottainai" (waste) of hugely talented Japanese people not living up to their full potential in global business because of limiting beliefs and limited application of skills.





Yumi Uemura, Administrative Assistant

Yumi is our go-to woman for administration. She started supporting Sasuga! Communications in June 2014 after several years as an executive assistant for two consulting companies and an embassy. Originally from Japan, Yumi lived in Sydney, Australia, as a high-school exchange student. She studied speech communication at St. Catherine University in Minnesota, U.S.A. She is now based in Seoul, South Korea.





Cher Hale, Chief Digital Marketer

With a background in communication studies from UNLV, Cher takes the lead when it comes to marketing online. She started supporting Sasuga! Communications in June 2016 after having built two separate online businesses. Originally from the United States, Cher travels around the world and is currently based in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.





Jayne Nakata, Event and Retreat Logistics and Planning Specialist

Jayne is our event and retreat logistics and planning specialist. She started supporting Sasuga! Communications in May 2017. Originally from New Zealand, Jayne has lived in Fukushima Prefecture for 15 years, and now puts together events and retreats for women all over Japan.