“I'm convinced that my improved communication skills helped me to increase the number of my clients from 50 at the beginning of the year to 100 now.”

- Daisuke Kai, Tax Consultant of Tokyo Zeikei

"The Speak Like An Expert materials are very high quality. I found I could learn through the videos in two ways. Not only do the videos explain the content of how to plan and give presentations, but they are also an actual example of how to deliver clear, compelling presentations. The workbooks are very comprehensive. They contain so much of the content from the videos that I didn't have to take many notes and could easily refer back to them."

- Takuya Akiba, Researcher, Preferred Networks, Inc.

Before working with Helen, it was difficult for me to efficiently and confidently put presentations together.

Thanks to the skills I’ve learned and the simple frameworks she teaches, my presentations are more concise and focused on the client.

As a result, clients recommend our services more often to their friends and neighborhoods, which means the number of new clients has gradually increased.

 - Y. Mori, Tax Accountant

Thanks to what I learned, when I presented at a global conference I wasn't nervous at all. Rather, I enjoyed the interaction with the audience. I got lots of positive feedback from my colleagues, too.

- Yasushi Maruyama, Partner, Egon Zehnder

"I had an opportunity to give a short presentation after winning the best paper award of a scientific journal, and thanks to your presentation skills class, many people mentioned that my talk was clear and easily understandable.

And, in just the past six months, I've had several opportunities to give presentations in English and I was able to effectively prepare content for all of them. Before I was never sure if my presentations were understood or what others thought about it, so I know your class made a good impact."

Dr. Chizu Sekine, Associate Officer and Senior Scientist, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

"With an important presentation coming up, about my very favourite thing in all the world - creativity! - I reached out to Helen and told her that I wanted to give it all I've got.

From my initial enquiry, to standing in front of the audience, I had learned so much that I felt a level of confidence and comfort that I hadn't experienced before. The nerves and racing heartbeat were still very much there, but the difference was that I could now work through them.

Working with Helen, both 1-1 and via her online presentation course (which was fantastic because it allowed me to work at my own pace), was an invaluable experience that helped me see myself, outside of myself.

Helen's warm and friendly personality, combined with an experienced and keen set of eyes, helped me hone in on the small details that make all the difference, be aware of what my body was doing (incredible how much we miss here!) and review and refine my presentation - with so much wonderfully thought out feedback from Helen! - until I truly felt that I had done the best that I could do. Plus, the daily steps outlined in the course, allowed me to focus on one thing each day, which made the whole process accessible and manageable.

If you're passionate about the work you do, and want to get your message out to a wider audience in the most accessible and effective way, I highly recommend Helen's presentation coaching and course!"

- Divya Marie Kato, Artist & Founder, When In Doubt, Draw

It all began when I was hesitant to run for the Japan Association of Translators’ Board of Directors.

Thanks to Helen’s encouragement and relentless (in a good way!) practices, I not only ran for the Board but stayed on for 4 years, eventually serving as president.

I gradually learned how to enjoy giving presentations, and I still continue to work on my communication skills to relate my message in a way that sticks with the audience.

Over the past year or two, I have been asked by local groups to give talks and by professional societies to serve as meeting facilitator.

My experiences with Sasuga! have helped create an entirely new field of business for me!"

Marian Kinoshita, President, MDK Translations, Inc.

 "The big difference from the many similar presentation skills training courses was the combination of Helen sharing her extensive experience, her passion to learn together, and the focus on having fun. By participating in Helen’s course, in which each participant was challenged to work on his or her individual needs, I became aware of my shortcomings and received the best possible guidance and coaching. I truly appreciated it.

– Masato Mizukami, Head of HR, Japan Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd.


“Your approach to focus on ‘questioning’ and ‘active listening’ as critical components was unique and so essential to being an engaging presenter – most people focusing only on the ‘presenting’ part of communicating. Please do keep me on your mail list when you have other open sessions – and I will also keep you in mind for any needs we may have here as well when my other L&D colleagues have such a need.”

– Learning and Development Manager in the financial sector

“I met Helen and Rebecca in 2012 during a 3-day training for my company. They were facilitators.

During the training, I struggled at first because trusting someone to help you with certain fears at your workplace (where everything’s fast-paced, where there are so many multinationals to deal with, and where people have their own beliefs and different cultures) made me feel awkward and uneasy. I didn’t speak much until late in the second day. At the end of the training, I realized that the only problem - and solution - was really COMMUNICATION. I mean overcoming the barriers of language, and beliefs and backgrounds to convey the right message to the people you interact with on a daily basis.

I admired Helen and Rebecca then and now because they brought to the table different personalities, perspectives, and knowledge. They first helped us know our own strengths and weaknesses and then laid down possible solutions for how to deal with certain setbacks and challenges in our professional growth. This is why I will always be grateful for them.

At present, as I embark on my new profession and career path, I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK Helen and Rebecca for teaching me, for inspiring me to go out of my comfort zone, and for having that kind of good impact in my life. I consider them not only as my mentors, but also as my friends.

So to those who may have experienced the same feelings as I did (fear of rejection due to lack of communication skills, not knowing which words to say to convey the right message, and other concerns), let Helen be one of those people who not only mentor you but have that kind of impact in your career and life, as she did in mine. I am glad you have joined Sasuga! Community Facebook group. I wish I lived in Japan. I’d definitely go to the Sasuga You! Self- Discovery Weekend on August 26–28. I encourage all ladies here in this group to join that retreat. Let this be the start of your wonderful journey by celebrating YOU.“

- Workshop Participant