I’m passionate about helping business professionals to communicate with clarity and confidence in global business presentations and meetings.

When we work together, I see the change – in people’s posture, their tone of voice, and the words they use. The change happens at a deeper level too. They develop a stronger personal presence and get business results.

I’m thrilled when clients share their success stories. A Japanese senior manager in high tech wrote this after his keynote speech in the U.S.:

I finished my presentation today. My American colleague gave me his impression: “I think you did a great job. Everyone was paying attention to your speech and seemed to be engaged and interested. Your presentation was definitely the most understandable and interesting of the day.” Thank you so much for your special coaching. I will use this experience to advise and train my people for happier communication outcomes with our customers.

I’m convinced that ANYONE can be a good – or even great – communicator.

All it takes is

  • developing the right mindset
  • understanding simple techniques
  • receiving thoughtful feedback
  • practice!

I support my clients in all these areas, and I LOVE my work.

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